// lighting design with heikki paasonen


〰 〰 〰

"I am fascinated by the vast potential that dance has on opening of an experiential and non-verbal realm, the sensory experience of the bodies as well as their transforming ability. We have wished to forget where the brain resides and that we consist of body parts. To rethink ourselves, blur our boundaries, merge and become a part of the ”whole".  – Eeva Muilu 

The artistic process of Eeva Muilu's latest work 〰 〰 〰 is inspired by a search for a dance, which is not directed by the choreographic mind, but which emerges from a different place – from the ability to listen and create space for the body. The starting points of the creation are questions related to the work of the dancer, to the creation of movement and the creative process itself. In the dreamvision of the performance the dancers are part of a lively stage, one that vibrates and caresses.

direction: eeva muilu, dance: joona halonen, anne hiekkaranta, anni koskinen, spatial design: kaisa rasila and veera-maija murtola, sound design: mikko hynninen, lighting design: jani-matti salo and heikki paasonen, costume design: emilia eriksson, producer: riikka thitz

supported by: alfred kordelin foundation

28.10.-3.11.2016 moving in november, zodiak - center for new dance, helsinki

photo: jani-matti salo