// spatial and lighting design


mikko hyvönen - organic synthetic @ forêt de soignes, brussels, belgium, 21.9.2013

"I love watching trees and birds, at least the ones that are in the air. Sometimes I wish I were an animal instead of a human being, but at the same time I'm allergic to pollen, animals, fruit and nuts. What kind of a love-hate relationship is this? What can humans be in the middle ground between nature on one hand and artificiality on the other; between culture, art, entertainment, science, gene manipulation and robotics?" - mikko hyvönen

choreography, performance: mikko hyvönen, lighting and spatial design: jani-matti salo, sound design: pauli riikonen, production: zodiak - center for new dance, lehtovaara & companions, mikko hyvönen

supported by: kone foundation

on tour: 

8.-16.4.2014 @ zodiak - center for new dance, helsinki
11.-12.10.2014 @ mousonturm, frankfurt

photo: jani-matti salo