// lighting design with samuli laine 



The starting point for Flashdance was the viewer's sense of sight and its destabilization. We wondered, what would happen to the performance experience when the main sense one normally uses to take in performances is disturbed. 

Flashdance takes place in shadows, in a dim light. In the performance darkness opens up a potential space in which the audience's personal boundaries and sense of time and space dissipate. The audience is faced with the limits of their ability to see and the boundless terrain of their imagination. 

At the centre of Flashdance is a giant black garbage bag that the dancers operate from the inside. The uniform surface of the bag creates a single creature, an organism of shared agency. Flashdance is a strongly audiovisual experience that challenges the audience to encounter the performance with all of their senses. 

From the outside, we cannot know what the inside is like, and standing in the light, we cannot see into the darkness. In our society, which is penetrated by light and control, Flashdance evokes that which is mysterious and unconscious. 

on stage: hanna ahti, wilhelm grotenfelt, johannes purovaara
off-stage: laura haapakangas, anni klein, samuli laine, jarkko partanen, jani-matti salo, heidi soidinsalo


15.12.2018 ice hot, reykjavik, iceland
5.-6.7.2018 baltoscandal, rakvere, estonia
4.-8.12.2017 Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, estonia
7.12.-20.12.2016 zodiak - center for new dance, helsinki

photo: katri naukkarinen, jani-matti salo, samuli laine