// performance-installation with kasperi laine, ville seppänen and heidi soidinsalo

kasperi laine, jani-matti salo, ville seppänen, heidi soidinsalo: the sound of music (in a box) @ prague quadrennial of design for performance and space, weather station, 18.-28.6.2015

The Sound of Music (in a box) is an installation exhibiting weathered instruments both in Collorado-Mansfeld Palace and a cargo container in Ovocny trh in the international exhibition Prague Quadrennial of Design for Performance and Space 2015, PQ15.

The Finnish group Kasperi Laine, Jani-Matti Salo, Ville Seppänen, and Heidi Soidinsalo will create an installation to feature and create sound art and contemporary music. Their aim is to open up possibilities for understanding that the line between music and sound art can be very broad and hold within it incredibly interesting possibilities for listening and enjoying sounds. 

To achieve this, the group has planted instruments around Finland during the summer of 2014 and left them there for an entire year. Their aim is to see what the effect of all four seasons will be, and how the instruments' personalities will change during their time spent outdoors.

The installation at the cargo container will center around a piano, that has spent a year by the sea in South-Eastern Finland. The piano can no longer be played in a traditional manner, but its sounds and voice can be found in other ways. The duration of the year and the effect of its surroundings can be heard in its unusual creaks, grunts and whispers that have replaced the normal tones of a piano.

The questions that arise from this year-long experiment are: How can one play an instrument, that cannot be used in its original way? What kind of unexpected sounds will it give if treated with an open mind? What has the instrument been listening to during its year outside, and can we hear that experience through its new tones? 

supported by: kone foundation, finnish cultural foundation, avek, kiasma theatre




photo: jani-matti salo, ville seppänen,